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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Ash Wednesday...

So, today is Ash Wednesday... 
What does it mean?

Should I be sitting around the campfire? Or should I be watching cricket? Guess you need to be truly English to understand that question.

Here's a great shot of Satch, by the fire. He was cremated, so there's some ash. But so was Dad. And he's just sitting in the living room by the TV.

Dad would rather watch Formula One, but he did love cricket. Back in the day a lot of drivers got pretty burnt up on those tracks. Not too many cricket players got killed on the pitch, but of course there are the "Ashes."

Then there's Lent...
How silly is that? What to give up? I knew nothing of it as a child until my neighbours told me about it, they were Catholic. They told me they wouldn't be eating chocolate until Easter. I never liked chocolate! 

Maybe if I were Catholic I'd give something up. Wine, red meat or bread. But those things,  really, I can live without... The important things, those I love the most, should never be given up. Walking the dogs, watching the birds, a good walk. A chat with a friend that I rarely see. 

I'm not giving anything up up, I'm NOT giving up. 

I'll drink wine, eat red meat and walk my dogs. Maybe I'll watch some cricket or some Formula 1.

The Ashes, Lent. Tomorrow's Thursday... I'll drink wine and maybe go fishing!