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Thursday, July 2, 2009

I love boats. Maybe it’s a good thing they’re called “shes”. There have been a few in my life, and I’m sure there will be a few more. I’ve had long term relationships with some, adored a few from afar, other relationships have been fleeting, no pun intended. And of course others I’ve loved unconditionally. The first boat I fell for was the “Persephone”.

Nick Adonidas was the Persephone’s captain. Nick and his partner Jesse Jim plied the waters of British Columbia in search of loose lumber. Nick was an upstanding member of the community. He helped the widowed and orphaned. He was best friends with members of the First Nations community and the local RCMP officers. Nick was an immigrant, a new Canadian who embraced Canada, his community and the culture he had adopted, the community which had adopted him.

Nick Adonidas was a fictitious character. But, he was played by a man that was just as large and gregarious as Nick himself.

Bruno Gerussi was born of Greek immigrants in May of 1928. Between 1972 and 1991 Bruno portrayed Nick Adonidas. He could have moved south as many have and worked for greater amounts of money playing character and bit parts in Hollywood. But instead he opted for the captain of the Persephone. And later the host of Celebrity Cooks.

Bruno Gerussi, a first generation Canadian, portrayed a new Canadian who was proud to be Canadian. He befriended First Nations Canadians, new Canadians and those who’s lineage goes back generations.

We all need to do a bit of beach combing. Some of us need to pick up a few new items washed up upon the shore. And some of us need to collect some items from the past. Items that give us a closer link to our community. And it doesn’t matter if we’re new to that community or have been in it for generations.

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