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Monday, October 12, 2009

How Much Time Do You Have?

Let’s not fool ourselves. We really don’t have less time today than we did years ago. Sure, it seems like we have more to do, we seem to have more pressing responsibilities. But really, we don’t have less time. We simply have different priorities. And maybe different wants. But our needs haven’t really changed. And we still do have the same amount of time.

We just want to do more.

But what do we want to do more of?

I know some people that are doing more. What they’re doing though is helping their less fortunate friends, neighbors and fellow citizens; citizens of this country and of the planet.

A few of my friends have made the choice to use their time, and not just their spare time, to help make the world better for those that are disadvantaged.

I’d like all my followers to check out a blog with images contributed by a client of mine. Actually, I’d rather call her a friend. Her name’s Catherine, she’s a talented photographer and a wonderful personality. Since late last month she’s been in Africa documenting the work of a group of teenage girls from the Toronto area as they try to help a group of their peers in east Africa.

Here’s the link:

After you read of the volunteer work Catherine’s involved with, check out her personal blog: . I check it quite frequently. And her images are beautiful.

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  1. Very awesome! Girl !mpact and Catherine's photos are both amazing... thanks for letting me know about them!