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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Today marks the first Mother’s Day in many years where location prevents me from expressing my love, admiration and thankfulness in person to my Mum. She won’t be getting flowers from me either. So, I’m hoping that these words, expressed publicly, and the images accompanying them, will be of some consolation, a remittance of sorts, representative of a closeness I feel for her, not reflective of the distance between us.

The past year was trying for Mum. The hardships, her trials and sufferings eclipsed any she may have endured in previous years. Early last year her Dad died. Although a burden was somewhat lifted from those closest to him, all were saddened by the ending of a life, the passing away of a figure prominent in lives since their first thoughts. But celebrating a life of one-hundred and three years is a great solace.

Mum also spent the past calendar-year awaiting replacement hip surgery. Although our healthcare system is fantastic, waiting lists can be long, prolonging suffering and discomfort, resulting in a diminished quality of life. Mum was to endure further waiting when the worst tragedy of all occurred. 

Dad, Mum’s companion for over fifty years, fell ill in late August of last year. Dad was diagnosed with Legionnaire's Disease. The week of his diagnosis Mum was scheduled for her surgery. It was recommended that it be postponed. 

Over the past few decades, Dad had suffered a number of heart attacks, undergone numerous surgeries including a quadruple by-pass. While Dad lay in a near comatose state I had commented to Mum that Dad had suffered worse. Mum responded by saying this was the worst she’d ever seen him. 

Soon after, during mid-September, Dad passed away.

Mum had much support at this time. Friends and family, near and far, sent their condolences and shared their happy remembrances of Dad. His memorial service was well attended, many gathering to express their love and share in Mum’s sorrow. 

Many people, at the event of such a loss, are supported in like manner. Mum’s ability to cope and carry on during this emotional crisis though was mostly due to her great inner strength and personal faith. Mum still suffers great pain from her loss, but her long-suffering spirit, her positive and strong personality, make each of her days more endurable than the last.

Before the end of the year though, Mum would have her surgery. A number of months later and Mum’s getting around better than she has in years! If only she had been this mobile four years ago when we travelled to the UK for a two-week jaunt about the countryside!

On this   Mother’s Day, with me being unable to give her flowers, my gift to her is really a gift to those that read this. 

My mum has given me quite a bit of good advice over the years. For this I thank her. I’m going to share some of it.

“Never put down on paper something you don’t want anyone else to read, anyone.”

“Always err on the side of compassion. Yes, compassion, NOT caution.”


“There is always someone worse off than you.” 

“God never allows trials to become part of our lives that He hasn’t given us the strength or resources to deal with.”

I love my Mum. After all, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for her!                                                         

But I also love her because she has a positive attitude, a strong personality, and a wisdom that eclipses most, if not all, I know! She is, simply put, a great person!    

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