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Thursday, December 19, 2013

'Tis the season...

It's that time of year again; Christmas, the Holidays and New Year's. 

Traditionally we recognize this season with giving and receiving. The words and phrases echo sentiments like "Hope,"Peace on Earth," "Joy" and "Merriness." It's a time of sharing, twinkling lights and "Good Cheer."

Unfortunately though there doesn't seen to be that much cheer, there are very few peaceful places on earth and a lot of the merriness seems to be found at the bottom of a bottle. As for "Hope," well, there doesn't seem to be much of that either. Few are hopeful for the economy, fewer for the environment, and many hope only for a job. That's not the kind of "Hope" this joyous season should be about!

This season now seems to emphasize materialism, consumerism and the amassing of the newest product, with the best branding on the market.
Worst of all though, this time of year shows a spike in personal depression, relationship breakdowns and most unfortunately, suicide. Society, on a whole, is far less merry and far more contemptuous. Our drive to give and our desire to receive have forced the joy from the season and replaced the hope with despair, and sometimes a longing for it all to just go away! 

It's Christmas time, the Holidays, yes, "Holy Days!" They are days set apart from the others to celebrate joy. A spiritual time of year for anyone who has faith, faith in anything. Not just a belief in something, believing is easy, but faith! And having faith can only lead to one thing...


Everyone can benefit from a little faith. It's not always the cure for everything that ails us, but it certainly can ease pain, give strength and make our go of it far more bearable. 
Find somethings to have faith in, I've found mine. My days are easier for them. And it gives me joy. And hope... Hope in and for many things...
Good will to all, peace on earth.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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